Brand New Spaces & Brand New Faces

“I checked the weather forecast, not a cloud in the sky.

My bags are all packed now and you wonder why…

Dreaming of brand new spaces and brand new faces”

-Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

It’s funny how a song can set off a spark from within, to awaken an insatiable need. For me, music often takes my mind to different places – to relieve my stress, calm my emotions, or bring me back to a memory. It truly is magic. The song quoted above, along with a few others, reinvigorated my desire to travel and see new things. Just with a few listens, some sunny days, and some time off pushed me to set off on a new adventure.

Today, this adventure begins. I am soon to embark on a 3 month worldwide tour across 3 continents and spanning over 15 countries.

It’s an incredible feeling to know that your foreseeable future is filled with adventure, new people, majestic sights, and so many unknown variables. Although I am incredibly nervous, I couldn’t be more excited.

As I wonder about, I’ll be updating songs to this Spotify Playlist. This will give you a glimpse into what I’m listening to, and you can follow what I see and feel in the blog.

As for now – see you in awhile, Ohio!



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