A Different Kind of Tourist

And if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born,

 Then it’s time to go,

And define your destination,

There’s so many different places to call home.”

-Death Cab for Cutie, You are a Tourist

This post is dedicated to the people I meet on my travels. Many think that traveling is done simply to see the sights, try the food, and indulge in the local drinks. While this is a big portion of it, I’ve found that sometimes the people I meet are my favorite thing about a place. There’s something surreal about being in a foreign place and having so much in common with people you met just a day ago. Although we all come from different backgrounds, are different ages (I met an awesome guy traveling alone in his 60s at a hostel), and speak different languages, there’s a common thread among us. We all are seeking new horizons and share a sense of wanderlust. All of these people have made an entirely different country, halfway across the world, feel like home. 

Whether it’s sharing our life stories at a bar at 4AM or adventuring around a new city, these experiences keep me coming back for more. Throughout all of the hardships of travel, the backpacking friends I’ve made keep me going. We may all be tourists, but we’re family. 

It’s hard to really sum up how incredible some of these people are, but I want each and every person reading this that I’ve met on the road to know that they’ve helped me grow and become the person I am today. We may never meet again in person, but you’ll always be with me in a way.

Alright, enough of the cheesy sentiments- time to go party on the beach with new friends 🌴☀


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