Raise a Glass

“So raise a glass to turnings of the season,
And watch it as it arcs towards the sun”

-The Decemberists, Don’t Carry it All

As I sit here listening to music in perfect autumn weather in my new backyard, I can’t help but think of how good life is. I have just finished a trip I’ve dreamed of for years, I have a new charming place to call home, and I am once again surrounded by old friends. Lately I find myself just sitting back and smiling, being so thankful for all that I have right now. It’s amazing how a little determination, a strong support system, and hard work can take you places you can only imagine.

putting the new house together

After being home for a few weeks from my trip around the globe, I have been able to reflect a bit on all that I have seen and have learned. I have gained a sense of independence that I did not know before, a comfort with being alone and appreciating the world around me. I also have found that I like to take a step back from my life in moments of happiness and really take it all in. I used to get so swept up in the moment that I would forget to appreciate how great it was.
With this new sense of independence and self-confidence, I find myself hungry to grow, learn, and become the best person I can be. There’s something about a new start in a new place that lends itself to reinvention and self improvement. The crisp fall air and the changing leaves remind me that time keeps running fast, and that I need to live in the moment.

Old friends reunited

So here’s to new starts, new seasons, and continued happiness. Cheers.

my lovely new home

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